Leader in electronic trade services


레디코리아는 달리고 있습니다.
끝없는 관찰과 연구만이 발 빠른 IT시장의 기업파트너로서 최고의 Identity라는 생각 하나로.


Prepared leader of the information age

Advances in IT technology, including the Internet, are creating new types of communication day by day.
Living in this era, we are given a mission to face a completely different paradigm.
The expansion of the Communication Channel has accelerated the distribution of information and enabled unlimited competition.
Therefore, the 21st century is an era of infinite competition in which only companies can survive by securing competitiveness through informed judgment and effective networks.
Therefore, all of our executives and employees are striving to become companies that are not falling behind in an era of unlimited competition.
In response to the revolutionary trend of the times, we decided to our Company name "READYKOREA" to create our image as a more competitive company.


레디코리아 로고
  • primary color(Blue)

    It represents an image of a stable and trusted Business Partner.

  • secondary color

    It represents the infinite possibilities of being a young venture company: hope, strength, youth, trust.


Readykorea, the open door to the world

The symbolizing of the gate means the gateway to the world's advancement.
It symbolizes the exchange of knowledge, values and cultures that cross the world (Real Space and Cyber Space, Off-line and On-line, existing and future, domestic and overseas).
This represents the fact that Readykorea serves as a bridge between knowledge, values and culture through business activities. 


Ready refers to the prepared state of the word in the dictionary

The 21st century, where unlimited competition is enforced, and rapidly changing, is a time when companies that do not prepare and respond in advance cannot survive.
We cannot expect companies to survive competition without careful preparation.
The word Ready in CI has the meaning of being a ready company for every possible competition.
KOREA is used in the sense of Korea, but it is used abroad rather than in Korea.
In Korea, it is meaningless to emphasize the meaning of Korea.
In this sense, the meaning of KOREA in CI is an expression of corporate management goals aimed at the global market.
In other words, the company is proud to be the image maker of Korea in the world because it has the management goal of a company that is preempted to enter the global market.
Ultimately, ReadyKorea has the gateway to unlimited competition for all businesses throughout the 21st century, the goal of the global market, and the national mission of the two major propositions.