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  • 1989-1998 Start-up Period Start-up and Solution Development
    • Founded in 1989
    • Development of Export Trade Management Package (TOSS)
    • Development of EDI foreign exchange trade solution
    • Developing an Export-Import Clearance Solution
    • Development of Duty-Drawback Solution
  • 1999~2008 1st Growth Period Mergers and Services Expansion
    • Mergers : STG, Inc. – FIS, Inc.
    • Company Name Change – ReadyKorea, Inc.
    • Expansion of ASP in the textile industry
    • Healthcare ASP Initiation - MediKorea
    • Expanding the Supply of Customs Solutions
  • 2009~Present 2nd period of growth Expanding areas and expanding new businesses
    • Development of Total Solutions for Export-Import Trade Management
    • Development of a Bonded Area Specialized Solution
    • Development of the FTA Origin Management Solution
    • Development of Imported Quality Management Solution for Cosmetics/medical Devices